December 20, 2017

What The Plaid?!

Since we are coming to the end of the year (oh my gosh!) now is the time to start looking at what could be trends for the 2018 wedding season. In looking at different articles, there is a surprising one to me. During the winter month plaid is something that is traditionally known for that time of year in clothing. Who would've thought this pattern would move over to the wedding industry?

The fun thing about this trend is that despite it being a plaid pattern, there is still a variety of colors that come in plaid and it doesn't have to be the "traditional" red, blue and white. Not to mention they could be used in a variety of places. Below are a couple of examples of where plaid can live.

Table Settings

Here is one place where you can put plaid fabric and it seem to be "over the top". It could be something as simple as a napkin or a table runner, or you can cover the entire table with a plain tablecloth and then using solid napkins for balance.
Image result for wedding plaid tablescapes


If you just want to add a hint of this pattern, why not send it to your guests? With the variety of shades, along with the plaid, you can pick solid variations and use them throughout the rest of the planning.

Bridal Fashion

If you are that bold couple that likes to make a statement, then this option would be for you. Incorporate your plaid in the wardrobe. From the bow tie to actually bridesmaids dresses. You can go as subtle or as bold as you want. 

However you choose to incorporate this bold fabric choice for your big day, make sure you do it in at way that makes YOU happy and enjoy the moment you see it all come together.

- Danielle

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