March 29, 2019

Sports Fanatic Elegance

Traditionally when weddings are planned they usually focus the vision of the bride and have nothing to do with the groom. A lot of the time, you hardly see anything the represents him aside from a possible groom's cake or a garter that is specially made. What if you were able to change that? We all know grooms rarely care for the details with the exception of what they're going to eat, and what they're going to wear. There is a way you can show how important your mate is in the planning and show an extension of what he likes and 9 times out of 10, it's sports. By letting his favorite sports team have a presence in your wedding you will truly show that it is about the both of you. Now before you get all skeptical and close off the idea, let me reassure you, there will be no footballs everywhere or basketball centerpieces - no terrible towels or cheese head wedges will be a part of the decor.

Once you've picked the date and time, one of the next things you decide on is the color scheme. These combination of colors can come from a lot of different inspirations that a woman might see. Whether it's the Tiffany blue boxes with a rich chocolate brown, or maybe a tropical feel is more your speed with bright colors and accents. There is a way you can incorporate your love for your mate and his love for the game. Whether it's his favorite football team (Go Chiefs!) or his old college alma mater, you can make the craziest color combinations translate into a very elegant setting to exchange vows and party the night away. The below examples will hopefully give you an idea on how you can merge sports and its colors into one magnificent display.

The Kansas City Chiefs
Of course we have to represent for the home team first. Now, this team is the owner of Red and Gold. This combination actually isn't that hard to translate considering around the Christmas season you see these two colors together quite a bit.

The Green Bay Packers
This color combination could pose somewhat of a challenge with its Green, Gold and White, but you could actually pull off something great. If you pick a main focus color that is more traditional, you can use the other as accents through out.

The New York Knicks
For the New Yorkers, your die hard Knicks fan would appreciate you taking their blue and orange color scheme and incorporating them into your day. It actually can be done very tastefully while at the same time offering a unique color pairing.

The Florida Marlins
I picked this team because of the combination of the teal with the black and gray. This is not so much a different combination, but it's one that you don't see a lot. These together can translate into a Spring like backdrop. Especially if you make teal the focus or main color element and accent with the gray over the black.

Wichita State Shockers
Rounding out the inspiration is this university which represents with its yellow and black. This color combo could be quite bright (Steelers fans could agree also) However, you can add the elegance to this one by the use of a damask or floral print. This will bring an element of softness to your overall look. Using this against crisp white linen will also help provide a very elegant element to your space.

As you can see, there are ways you can incorporate your mate's love into your big day. Whether he shows it or not, he will be extremely pleased with your color choices and thinking of him.

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