March 11, 2019

I'm Engaged! Now What?

So the love of your life asked you to marry him (Congratulations!) As you're getting used to your new status all sorts of things will be going on in your head. You have to tell your family and show off that beautiful piece of jewelry that will forever be worn. Once you've gotten through that and you're sitting down thinking "I have to plan a wedding! What do I do?" First things first, pick up the phone and call us (no, seriously).  Before that happens though, there are a few things that you need to decide on. The below list will help give you a starting point to begin planning the day of your dreams.

When and Where 

These two W's are about the most important thing to figure out. This is where you and your honey sit down and pick your date. Do you want a Fall or Summer wedding? Do you want an evening or a brunch affair? Will it be a Friday or even a Sunday? One tip would be to try and avoid major holidays if you can. That could inflate your costs and significantly reduce your guest list (which actually might not be a bad thing). After you decide on the date, the next important step is location. will you get married on the beaches of Jamaica or in the church you grew up in? Do you want to have both the ceremony and reception in the same venue?

How Much

This question is actually way more important than the other to. This is where you set your budget. Both of you have to realistically think how much you want to spend. Will the both of you being paying for every solely on your own or will you be asking your parents/family to contribute? One thing to mention about that is if you decide to ask family, be prepared to also accept their suggestions as well as their money. Budgeting is so very important throughout this process, make sure you allow enough for a wedding planner (yes, I said it again). Whatever company you hire, it is the job of the planners, consultants, etc. to keep you on budget. With that, you have to be willing to let them do that. Trust when I tell you, you don't want to be trying to pay off items for your wedding and you've been married for a couple of years.

Use Your Imagination 

This where the fun begins! This is where you start thinking about the look and feel of your wedding. Start thinking about what colors would look great together. How many people do you want standing next to you on the alter. What event space captures your vision? Do you want roses or daisies? Start looking in magazines or in this age of social media Pinterest to grab ideas. Start a wedding board a pin your little heart out.

If you start with those things, then when you decide to bring in your planner, you will have a lot of the "pre-work" done already. You're life is going to get crazy very quickly and depending upon how long you and your mate are giving yourself between the engagement and the wedding, things may go very quickly. Make sure you prioritize and seek help when you ready.

Oh, the last thing....ENJOY IT! You're engaged, take time to really let that settle in. think about and cherish that moment before diving right in.

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