March 13, 2019

Be an Appy Couple

In a previous post we talked about a way for people keep up with your wedding via the world wide web and a wedding website. Since we are in the technology age, I figured, why not take it a step further? It seems like everything now a days has an app, so why not take advantage of that and possibly make your lives easier at the same time.

We were doing some web surfing and came across something interesting. There is a website called Appy Couple (hence the title of the blog post). With this website you are able to create and app and a website together. Sounds like a 2-for-1 if you ask me. So we looked a little further into this to see what all it is capable of doing.
  • You can tell your guests all of the logistical details
  • You can give people a calendar of events
  • You can send messages to specific members of your bridal party
  • You can share where you have registered
  • Guests can share pictures that took with you
  • So much more!
Think about those conferences you went to that had apps and how easy it was to get what you needed. Now you can do that for your guests. There is a one time fee depending upon which package you choose and your guests would just download it from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android phones. They put in your wedding code and then they are ready to go. 

Below is a short demo to see it. If you like what you see check out to learn more.

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