February 22, 2019

Independent Planner Vs. On-Site Venue Planner

There have been many times where we've talked to a bride and asked the question "So have you thought about hiring a wedding planner?" and the answer we have gotten on more than one occasion has been "The venue has a coordinator on site." when brides see that information, they will automatically think they don't need a wedding planner because of that fact. Although it is a benefit, there is a big difference between hiring a planning company as oppose to just utilizing the venue planner. Now, we're not just saying that because we are a planning company. We really want brides to be informed on the difference based off planning experience with clients who had on-site planners for their wedding.

On-Site Venue Planners

The main objective for these individuals is to make sure that everything runs smooth and on-time at the venue. They are there to ensure that your vendors arrive and set up on time. As their title suggests, they are there for the venue, not necessarily the family or wedding party. Here's a short list of some of their responsibilities:
  • Make sure that everything agreed upon in the venue contract is fulfilled
  • Creates an event time line for vendors and setup to ensure all venue workers are on task and on schedule
  • Serve as the main venue contact for all questions that may come up in regards to the event
  • Directs venue staff on duties and assignments
  • Creates final bill for venue client
Now, notice there is nothing on this list that states that your on-site planner does anything in regards to something that may come up with the bridal party. These planners focus on the presentation of the venue. Any situations that may arise with the bride, groom or anyone else are not addressed with them. There really is no personal attention given to the people involved on the wedding day. If your makeup artist is running late, they will not take of that. One of the groomsman lost a cufflink, they don't handle that either. Again, they're main planning focus is ensuring what you asked for as far as the look of your event is exactly what you're paying for.

Independent Planners

Now, our jobs are a little more comprehensive. When you decide to hire a wedding planning company, the services you received are geared toward you and your bridal party. Our goal is to help make your planning process go smoother in all aspects of the planning and we are there to be your personal assistant on the actual day of the wedding. Here's a short list of some of our responsibilities:
  • Facilitate the wedding rehearsal
  • Create a time line of the day's events
  • On-site troubleshooters
  • Help with the guest list
  • Aid in setting a budget for planning
  • Tend to all parties on the day of the wedding to ensure all needs are met
Now as you can see with this list a lot of what we do focuses on the couple, and not so much on the venue. In the event there is no on-site help, we would also step in to plan that area as well. We look at the day from an overall perspective and not just at one particular area. There will be times where the duties of both types of planners will overlap. The On-site planner may also have the job duties of facilitating rehearsals and both planners may work together to get the floor plan together. aside from things like that, these two will go in opposite directions.

What we have shared with you will hopefully guide you into making a decision that everyone will be happy with. We wanted to give you something to think about. When your venue states they have an on-site planner, make sure you ask the question of what all does that include. You may find that you will need to also hire a company to fill in those gaps.

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