February 25, 2019

Yes, You Do Need Us

It seems like there is still this thing where people feel like wedding and event planners are an unnecessary luxury. We can't begin to tell you the stories we have hear and read about how a couple's wedding was unorganized or how the Bride didn't have a good time because she spent most of the time delegating responsibilities or focusing on issues and not enjoying her day. There's also the age long debate on wedding coordinator vs. venue coordinator. You can see our thoughts on that in the below post.

Independent Planner vs Venue Planner

We have a pretty good understanding of both sides to this. On the one hand we as planners can understand the issue of budget. Do wedding planners cost? Yes, we do cost and that fee, to some, may seem like it out of control or super expensive. Cost can vary from company to company so absolutely do your research to find out which works best. On the other hand, there is a reason for those fees. We are basically controlling the pace of your day and the memory you are trying to create for yourself and your guests. There is certifications and experience that accompany what the planners are offering and if you had it in your mind to hire the "celebrity planner" then prepare to pay even more.

Our goal is to make sure you are not missing out on the celebrate of you as a couple because the aunt that was supposed to make your food got so caught up in your planning she forgot or the cousin who said would take your pictures doesn't have professional equipment. Check out our infograph below and see just what all we can offer you if you give us the opportunity.

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