March 7, 2019

Unplugging Your Wedding Ceremony

In the era of social media, what we've seen more and more are people who are really quick to record and post all sorts of things on social media whether it's Facebook, Twitter and the ever popular YouTube. One of the things that has become more popular being publicized are weddings as they happen. This can affect many aspects of your ceremony and could potentially ruin a happy time in your life.

Now don't get me wrong, we're not saying people shouldn't capture your moment. People will want to remember your day for themselves later on. However, if you as the couple, do not set some guidelines, it can get out of control.

We read one story from a photographer who had an experience at a wedding where a lot of the shots taken during the ceremony were ruined because guests kept stepping in front of her trying to get shots and recording video. In the long run that will affect couples because it will reduce the number of photos that can be used. That is something that we know no one wants to happen and it causes frustration for the vendors that are hired for the sole purpose of capturing the moments. There was another instance where a bridesmaid took a photo of the bride and posted it on Facebook before the ceremony, well the groom was on Facebook scrolling through his feed to kill time and saw the picture. Well, so much for the first look as his bride is coming down the aisle. Another aspect of this all is as a bride and groom, do you really want the internet to see your ceremony and your dress before you want it to? You should be the ones to put out the first images of your ceremony.

There are ways that you can politely tell your guests that you would prefer them not to take pictures of your ceremony while at the same time letting them know at the reception, take as many pictures and post them. These examples can provide some guidance.

Create a Sign

As your guests enter the venue, display a sign that lets them know your request for them to not take photos and video during your ceremony. There are clever ways that it can be said and so that people will know you truly want them to just sit and enjoy the ceremony.

Make an Announcement

In the event that your guests don't see the sign, have your officiant make an announcement prior to the beginning of the ceremony. That way your guests cannot say they didn't know if you happen to see a photo on social media after you've taken steps to prevent it. It can also be mentioned that although you'd like to keep photos out of the ceremony that they are more than welcome to take pictures at the reception. Most times during receptions people are seated at their tables so it won't inhibit the photographer's view.

Create a Reception Hashtag

Make a sign for each one of our guests that lets them know now that you're at the reception, have fun taking pictures and capturing those fun moments. It can be a simple card that you lay at each place setting to let them know snap away and event give them an avenue to collect them such as #JonesWedding for Twitter, Instagram and any other outlet traditionally used. Most times during receptions people are seated at their tables so it won't inhibit the photographer's view, but I'd still make it clear for guests to stand clear of the professional as they are trying to get those memorable shots.

These things could be very helpful if you decide this is the avenue you want to take for your ceremony. If you don't mind people posting to Facebook and other social media outlets as it's happening then that is great. This if for those who have considered incorporating this into your ceremony in order to make it intimate and somewhat private for the time being. At the reception, prepare to say "cheese" and smile a lot because I'm pretty sure your guests will make up for what they couldn't take pictures of earlier.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you are having the day YOU want to have.

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