March 4, 2019

Grooms Actually Do Care

Most times when the question is asked about the wedding process, the topic of the groom comes up. I can't begin to tell you the number of times I've heard a bride say 'Oh he doesn't really care.' or 'He just wants to know what time to be there.' What this implies is that he really doesn't care about anything going on during the planning process because it is always seen as "it's the bride's day". In all actuality though, that's not necessarily true. There are elements of the wedding that most grooms tend to have a strong opinion about (aside from how much all this stuff is going to cost). Below is a list of things that you'll want to make sure you include your groom in when making your decisions. After all it's not just the bride's day, but a day for the both of you.

The Honeymoon

This aspect of the wedding the groom will want full control. I'm almost sure of it because this gives them to plan their dream vacation (or close to it). This will be days of relaxation that will serve as his reward for enduring all the months before (let's be real). Of course it also to enjoy all the alone time with is new bride that he wants to. This is one area he has so brides don't worry about it and leave him to it.

The Registry

What man would pass up going to a department store and shooting a bunch of items with a gun? This aspect of the planning will also bring your groom out with no hesitation. It gives him the opportunity to try obtain all the little gadgets that he's had is heart set on, but really didn't want to buy personally. It is advised that when you do your registry and you select all the things you think you'd want for your home and not just the usual sheets, towels, dishes, kitchen items, etc. You fiancé may have his eye on a new grill or maybe even a TV for the basement. If he can get away with putting on there, it will be on there. He will be a full participant in this area you can count on it. Side note, with most registries, the items that don't get picked up by your guests can be bought by you at a discounted rate, so put that Dyson on there because you know those jokers are expensive!

Tuxedos and Such

This is another area that you probably won't get your man to budge much on. More times than not, he will already have an idea of what he and his boys will wear that day. The only thing he will want to know from you is what color to get the ties and vests in. I'm sure he would be open to suggestions about what you envision them wearing, however, I seriously doubt you will be able to pick it out. You'll just have to go with the flow on this one. This is where you have to trust his judgment because I'm sure he wants his guys to look just as good as he know you and your ladies will.

Food and Beverage

As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and on his wedding day, he's going to make sure he has some good food to put in it. Any food and beverage tastings you and your planner have mapped out, make sure you include your fiancé because he will definitely want to be a part of those. After all, it is his guests that will be eating along with yours and he wants to make sure the choices will be acceptable. If you are planning to have a signature drink, he will want to make sure it tastes just right and most definitely, he will want to be a part of picking your wedding cake.

Above are just a few of areas in your wedding planning that you should consider your fiancé and his opinion in your big day. Even though he might not say it's important, or event shrug it off as it being your thing, just know that he really does care and wants his elements displayed on your big day just like you do. You are about to enter into a union that is all about compromise and making decisions together. What better way to start down that path than by you make a conscious effort to include your honey? Trust me when I tell you, he will appreciate it and will thank you.

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