February 28, 2019

The Sequin Bridesmaid

Over the past couple of years it seems there is a new trend for the bridesmaid gown. It has seemed to escape what would be labeled "traditional" with the taffeta or organza fabric and uniformed look for something more fun. The color of the gowns are bright and absolutely beautiful, however, the trend now seems that the gowns are going sequin. Talk about a pleasant surprise. Although the structure of these dresses were still quite simple, and unique to each bridesmaid, having the element of sparkle just took it up another notch.

 We started to do a little research on this sparkling little fabric accessory and discovered some very interesting things. First, the name "sequin" originates from the Venetian colloquial noun zecchino (Venetian pronunciation: [tsek'kino]), meaning a Venetian Ducat coin, rendered into French as "sequin" (French pronunciation: ​[sɛqɛ̃]) **Thanks Wikipedia** You most commonly see them on costumes and usually around the holidays.


If you are one who wants to add more to your bridal party than the regular gown, maybe adding this to your dresses my be just the drama you are looking for. One caveat to this though is, these dresses will cost your girls quite a bit of money unless you can find a seamstress who can make them for you or if you can find them on sale via an online retailer. Keep this in mind when thinking about how you want them to look. Also consider the time it might take to receive the gowns once they are order so make sure you allow enough time before your wedding so you don't risk trying to scrape something together at the last minute. Let us know if you have considered going this route for your bridal party.

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