February 26, 2019

Four Reasons to Add .com to Your Wedding

When going through the experience of wedding planning, there are SO many things to think about. One of the goals is that you want the process to be as painless as you can possibly get it. One of the things to consider is how are you going to get out a bunch of information with the least amount of money?

Some couples go the route of sending out cute Save the Date announcements to tell people "Hey look! Guess what's about to happen." Those cost money. Then after that comes "Here's what you need to know" in the form of the wedding invitation. Again, those cost money and then there is the "Tell us who's coming" and "What do you want to eat" which is more money. Like we said, a lot of couples will go this route which is a wonderful thing if you are able to do those. However, there some people who desire to minimize what they spend their money on. Another thing couple run into is there will be certain pieces of information that people may want to know, but unless you have a big get together, you will have to find another way to get the word out.

At one point in time the things to do was to create a wedding website. We haven't seen as many as we used to years ago so I can't help wonder if they are still popular although we truly believe this could be the ultimate time and life saver for you. There are a few sites where you can create them for FREE.99 and if you have a little extra money in your budget, there are also sites where you can pay a have a little more options to customize them to your liking.

Here are 4 reasons why you should make a wedding website a part of your wedding.

Show How Fabulous You Are

Of course we have to start these reasons off with a little vanity. We're pretty sure that after you became officially engaged there was no question in your mind that an engagement shoot was an absolute must. This shoot would have you and your significant other in the best outfits that showed your sense of style and your personalities as individuals and as a couple. What better place for you to display all of that for your friends and family to see? It also gives you a place to do a pictorial documentary of how you met and your journey to becoming husband and wife. People love looking at all of those fun things you experienced together.

Show People Who You Are

We all know that when two people come together there will be those who ask the question "who is she?" or "Where did he come from?" This usually happens as one side of the family and friends ask about the other side. When you have a wedding website, you can answer a lot of those questions. There will be a section for the bride to tell about herself and the groom to tell about himself. People can then learn the bride moved to the US from the Caribbean and the groom knows 3 languages. It is a central location for people to know more about the love of your life.

This also let's people know who you have chosen to be a part of your special day and you can provide how you know each of the people who have chosen to be in your bridal party.

Tell Your Story Your Own Way

People may have an idea about how you met, but no one ever knows the real story accept for the two of you (and maybe the person that hooked you up). A wedding website give you a way to let me know how you met in the most creative way possible. One way that I have seen is when the bride gives her version and the groom gives his. More times than not, the stories are never the exact same and it is quite comical. But, it is always fun to see each perspective of how they met and what thoughts were going through their heads at the time. To make it more fun, maybe the two of you can sit down together and do a video and post for your guests to see.

Not only can you fill people in on how you met, but you can also tell them your engagement story. Everyone loves a good love story. Again, you can make this a her story versus his story and just describe that day and how special it was to you. Share as much as you want to share because this was a moment for the two of you.

 It's Your Informational "Hub"

Whether you are having your ceremony in your family's church or going away to a tropical destination, there is a lot of information that you will have to give out to your guests. This is where you can tell people where your ceremony and reception will be. There is also a feature that can let your guests RSVP on your website. Remember where we said that there will be items that you may want to use that could cost money? Well by accepting your RSVPs via your website, that may cut down on the cost of printing your invitations for example. This is also the place where you tell people where you are registered because they will ask. with your website, you can provide links to all of your registries and make it easier for your guests so that way, they won't have to bother you with it.

If you know you will have guests coming or going out of town, you can also tell them about the things there are to do while they are gone. You can also do fun things like asking people what songs they would like to hear at the reception and develop a playlist for your DJ.

As you can see, there are some pretty good reasons for getting yourself a wedding website while you are doing your wedding planning. To help you get started, below are links to two websites that provide the websites. Both of them have free websites and Wedding Window also offers premium services for a fee. I recommend that you truly consider taking the time out to create one while you are in the planning process. Happy creating!!



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